Congratulations over Apex’s award!

Congratulations over Apex’s award!

Here at Apex, we recently upgraded from the ISO9001:2008 certification to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard.

This is a Quality Management Standard and is published by the International Organisation of Standards whom provide guidelines for the development, implementation and management of a businesses quality management system. This is the most popular ISO Standard and with it being updated every 5 years, the 2015 certification is the most up to date – which Apex have went on to achieve.

This standard has the reputation of being the way that an organisation proves its quality credentials. This highlights why ISO 9001 is requested in so many businesses as it is so important to become certified, especially in the UK. This certification enables companies such as Apex to improve their management systems and help to generate more business.

ISO 9001 is a QMS is a generic Standard which means it can be applied to any organisation, across any sector, large or small and irrespective of whether it produces products or is a service related business. It has already been implemented by more than 1.6 million organisations across 178 countires and unlike many industry or national standards, ISO 9001 is recognised worldwide and is especially popular with public sector and large companies.

Why 9001 and what benefits does it bring?

It’s clear that many organisations are pleasantly surprised to find just how much of a positive influence it had on their whole organisation.

Benefits of introducing ISO 9001 into your business can be huge, such as improving internal processes, achieving greater consistency and ensuring that your customers are happy. These benefits are likely to result in improved profitability as efficiency and productivity increases. Virtually all businesses point to dramatic changes for the better. Small companies benefit from implementing ISO 9001 also as it helps their growth, laying an ideal foundation for the future. It also enables you to improve your processes throughout your organisation and not only boosts productivity, but employee motivation too – replacing bad or non-existent methods with functional, documented processes leads to a more confident and driven workforce and makes room for continuous improvement. This would lead to our staff here at Apex delivering the highest standard possible to each customer and delivering nothing but the best, whether it be through internal queries or external site visits. The credibility of ISO 9001 throughout the business world gives a clear competitive advantage to companies who have the standard. It’s not just about winning new business, attracting and retaining clients is more important than ever.

In conclusion…

Apex Radio System have worked very hard continuously to ensure that this highest standard of quality management has been met. We’re all extremely happy here at Apex to of achieved this ISO 9001 2015 quality standard it improves customer satisfaction, as well as improving operational efficiency throughout Apex.

We’re very happy to see where this certification will take Apex and  we aim to continuously improve our staff internally in order to increase operational efficiency and to maintain health and safety throughout the workplace. This certificate also enables Apex to continue to provide high levels of customer service to all our clients.




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