Analogue Two Way Radios

Analogue Two Way Radios

Analogue radios have been around since the 1930’s and are the traditional form of the radio communication. These radios operates in analogue mode and are using frequency modulation. The natural voice is transmitted through analogue radios. If you are considering hiring, learn more about analogue radio hire.

Analogue radios offer good area coverage and their signal is stronger when they are closer together. When analogue radios are moving towards the end of their coverage they start to lose the signal. Some might say that this can be an advantage of the analogue radios as the user can clearly determine if he is coming to the end of the coverage zone as the transition is becoming less clear. Another popular functionality of the analogue radios is the fact that they transmit the natural voice and some users prefer it better than digital.

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Despite the fact that digital radios are becoming more and more popular, analogue radios still have a strong presence on the current market. Some manufacturers are still developing and improving the analogue two way radios. Many of them now offer additional functionalities such as Lone Worker application, Alarm button, and pre-programmed text messaging. The durability of the radios is also being improved and the new models are now rugged, dust and waterproof.

Analogue radios are more affordable and budget friendly. They can also work with digital radios in analogue modes what takes off the pressure of deciding whether to upgrade to digital now as they can be a part of the digital migration in the future.

If you wish to discuss which radios would be better to use in your environments or if you need any advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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