Atex Radios

ATEX Radios / Intrinsically Safe Radios

ATEX radios or Intrinsically Safe radios are used for communication in industries where there is a chance of explosion, fire, or any other hazardous environments, for instance in oil & gas, mining, waste management etc. If you are considering hiring, learn more about Atex radio hire.

The dangerous environment can be created and caused by an unintentional ignition of flammable gases, mists and vapours or by combustible dust… Therefore, the equipment used within these surroundings needs to be specially designed and tested.  ATEX certification is marked by ‘EX’ symbol which signifies that products underwent required tests and that the products meet the essential health and safety requirements.

Apex Radio Systems sells analogue and digital ATEX products including Motorola ATEX radios which are absolute leaders in this radio market. We highly advise getting in touch with us to discuss your ATEX radio needs as these can get really specific. With our extensive experience in working with ATEX systems, we are confident we can provide you with the best advice and products fit for purpose to ensure you and your colleagues stay as safe as possible.

Apex will work closely with your requirements and in conjunction with radio manufacturers to make sure you are happy with the accreditation of the equipment we are offering.