Digital Two Way Radio

Digital Two Way Radios

Digital two way radios are the latest generation of radio communication. They are rapidly replacing the traditional analogue radios. Digital radios operate in digital mode, which means they use a mathematic system represented by binary numbers 1 or 0 to transmit the voice, which becomes digital. If you are considering hiring, you can learn more about digital radio hire here.

The voice transmitted through digital two way radio is very clear. It can recognise background noises such as wind, rain, manufacturing noise, traffic, etc. and exclude it from the spoken words. Therefore, digital walkie talkies are perfect for use in noisy areas or outside in windy conditions.

Digital two way radio offers a clear and consistent coverage up to the edge of transmissions without the ‘break ups’ in transmissions which is often received with analogue radios when coming to their coverage boundary. This means that they are ideal for communication over wide areas.

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Various advanced applications are available with digital radios. For instance, GPS services which can locate the radio users are widely popular as these radios allow voice, data, and tracking on the same network at the same time, meaning supervisors can monitor staff movements at all times.  Ensuring safety and security of their employees.

Depending on the model, digital radios can allow Text Messaging, Direct Calling, ID calling, Emergency Alarm Functions, Mandown Function and many more applications to increase the effectiveness of radio communications in every environment. Many of the radios are rugged, durable, and come with very high IP rating making them very robust in harsh environments.

On the other end of the scale, there are many options for smaller, more discreet radios, which are ideal for radio users who deal with clients face to face on a daily basis and want an unobtrusive radio system that does not impair their interaction with their clients.  This is particularly useful for Hospitality, Events and personal security.

If you are thinking about moving from analogue to digital, or if you have any queries about the products, call or email our specialised team and we will help you throughout the whole process!

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