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Handheld radios

Handheld radios (Hand portables), are battery-powered two way radios used for communication. The handportable radios refer to radio transceivers which are operating on shortwaves and can be carried by one person. Have you ever noticed police officers or department store staff using radios to communicate? They are very likely using a handheld digital radio.

A few different types of handheld radios exist. Depending on the frequencies they operate on we can differentiate analogue or digital two way radios. We can also distinguish the handportable radios by their power and they can be licensed and licence free.

Special type of the hand held radio is marine transceiver that operates on marine frequencies and is used to enhance safety on a sea. These radios are usually referred to as VHF Marine Handportable Transceivers (where VHF means very high frequency).

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You can also browse our two way radios which are specifically designed for business use or leisure use.

If you are looking for a hand held VHF radio get in touch with us and we can recommend you the best product which will fit your needs, and budget.

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