Icom Radios

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Icom two way radios

Icom radio company is best-known for its state-of-the-art Marine communication equipment used all over the world from the largest commercial vessels to the smallest weekend runabouts. We offer a wide range of Icom VHF radios to ensure your clear communication needs in the open waters. If you are considering hiring, you can learn more about Icom radio hire here. If You have any questions about Icom radio equipment: customer service

Business radio communication is another subject in which Icom excels. Icom’s dedicated engineers, who work under strict quality control, make this brand proud with advanced technical superiority and quality, product development and design. Icom two way radios are built to last and surpass the toughest tests.

We have a large variety of Icom UHF and VHF radios for sale ranging from handheld devices to repeaters. Icom is arguably the best choice if you need a highly reliable and cost-effective solution. Icom’s radio range can satisfy needs of various customers including those working in construction, hospitality, education, facilities management, forestry etc.

If you wish to discuss how Icom’s radios could benefit your organisation please get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you out.

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About Icom  

Icom was established in 1954 in Japan and is one of the leading manufacturers of two way radios in the world.  Icom’s well-established product portfolio and brilliant ability to tailor each product to the radio users’ needs make this manufacturer a market leader in radio communications. Its headquarters are in Osaka with branch offices all over the world.

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