Kenwood Radios

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Kenwood two way radios

Kenwood two way radios are made by worldwide known Japanese manufacturer of audio and two way radio communication technologies. The expertise in voice and data transmission has been proven in the large portfolio of Kenwood radio communication systems which meet customers’ requirements and expectations. Kenwood equipment is available for a hire. Learn more about Kenwood radio hire If You have any questions about Kenwood radio communication equipment: customer service

Kenwood radios can fulfil simple communication requirements with their highly successful ProTalk® range of licence free PMR446 digital and analogue products. ProTalk® radios are one of the best-selling licence free two way radios and are particularly popular in education, construction, and smaller businesses.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a comprehensive package of advanced professional digital two way radios with their NEXEDGE® range. If you have any questions about Kenwood radio communication equipment please get in touch and we will be able to answer any inquiries you might have.