Licensed Two Way Radios

Licensed Two Way Radios

Licensed radio is roughly 8 times more powerful in comparison to licence-free radio thus they offer significantly better coverage. The licensed radios can cover up to 2.5 miles in open territory. They operate on specific frequencies which ensure channel security and keep other radio users from interfering. In addition, professional licensed radios offer a wide range of functionalities and applications. If you are considering hiring, learn more about licensed radio hire.

The main advantage of the licenced radios is enhanced coverage and privacy. That’s why they are perfect for most of the industries including security, education, hospitality, construction, waste management, manufacturing etc.

Licenced radios require an Ofcom licence (in the UK) or COMREG (in The Republic of Ireland). This licence provides you with a unique frequency on which you can operate your radios legally and securely. One radio licence can be used nationwide and cover all radios in your fleet. The basic and most common licence starts from £75 for 5 years.

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We at Apex can apply and maintain your Ofcom radio licence on your behalf. The licenced radios also require a special coding to ensure they are working on the same frequencies with your existing two way radio fleet. We provide this service free of charge to our customers.

If you need an advice or wish to discuss anything regarding your two way radio communication do get in touch we are always happy to help.

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