Mobile Radio

Mobile Radios

Mobile radio refers to transceiver used for two way radio communication in vehicles. They are often used by taxi companies and taxi drivers, shipping services, and logistics. If you are considering hiring, you can learn more about mobile radio hire here.

There is a wide range of mobile radios available on the current market and you can choose between analogue or digital models. Depending on the model, digital mobile radio offers advanced functions such as GPS positioning. A distinction between VHF (very high frequency) and UHF mobile radio should also be made. For instance, taxi drivers would benefit from VHF mobile radio as they operate in the open areas. Forklift operators, on the other hand, would need UHF (ultra high frequency) version of a device as they operate indoors and UHF can penetrate concrete or steel walls.

Mobile two way radios are powered by the car’s electrical system. Furthermore, mobile transceivers also require an antenna which needs to be connected to the main device. It is important that the radio and its antenna is installed correctly in your vehicle and that it doesn’t obstruct or interfere with your car’s sunroof, engine management system, vehicle stability computer, or air bags.

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Mobile radios are installed in a vehicle’s control panel so the driver can easily reach it.  They come with a speaker-microphone with a push to talk button and many of the mobile radios now also come with a noise cancelling microphones to reduce the driving noise which might occur.

It is a legal obligation to have an Ofcom licence to be able to operate your mobile radio. We at Apex can apply and maintain your licence on your behalf. We do recommend to get in touch if you need an advice on the mobile radios as these are complex communication solutions and require special installation and Ofcom licence.

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