Licence Free

PMR 446 Radios

pmr446 radios (Licence Free Radios)

PMR radios are perfect for communication over smaller areas. Depending on the territory, Personal Mobile Radios can provide up to 0.5 – 1 mile of coverage. Unlike Licenced Radios, licence free devices do not need any advanced programming – they are ready to be used straight from the box.

The main advantage of any licence free radio is that they are very easy to use and therefore, could be considered as an entry level of radio communication. In a professional environment, we often refer to licence free radios as walkie talkies. These radios are usually quite small and used mainly for leisure purposes such as hiking or skiing trips, road trips etc. Notable examples are Motorola PMR series T40, t60, t80

However advanced licence free radios do exist. They can be referred to as professional licence free radios and these are more robust and toughly resistant against dust and water. These are perfect for professional use. Especially when large distance coverage is not required or if the transmitted information isn’t sensitive as the interference from other users is quite common with licence free devices.

The professional licence free radios are mainly used by smaller warehouses, manufacturing or construction sites. They are also widely used in smaller hospitality venues.