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TrboNet softwareTrbonet are an official Motorola Applications partner that have designed a comprehensive range of PC based radio dispatch software.

The TRBONET brand was developed by the company Neocom Software.  Neocom’s development and after sales service has met with great acclaim from radio providers and customers and they have highly awarded by Motorola for their services.

These range from a single desktop PC radio control package for a single location all the way to multi-site solutions that incorporate many users across many locations, with monitoring, logging and recording of all radio traffic, allowing management of work and call groups, monitoring radio equipment, plant and personnel, giving regular status updates and GPS locations across many types of media platforms including PC, tablet and mobile telephone.

There is a Trbonet Package to suit every type of Mototrbo DMR platform:

Simple systems, where repeater infrastructure is not required because the radio coverage area required is small.

Single repeater, single site systems.

Multi repeater, single site systems (with standalone repeaters or Capacity Plus and the additional option of using IP Site Connect).

Multi repeater, multi-site systems, using IP Site Connect (with options of standalone repeaters, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus or Connect Plus).

The most popular TRBONET package is TRBONET Enterprise:

It can be connected to one or several single repeaters or multi repeater/multisite systems simultaneously.  A radio dispatcher/controller operates all repeaters/sites as with one radio system.  The Crosspatch feature can allow the ‘tying together’ of repeaters and interconnecting of radio units from different sites.  A roaming facility on the radio units can allow them to move from one site to another and keep being in contact with a dispatcher.

Its main features are:

  • Voice Dispatch- All type of calls, intercom, cross mute and pre-recorded messages
  • Voice Recording- All voice calls, playback interface, built-in converter and external storage.
  • Text Messages- Private and group, predefined messages, scheduled messages and text to speech.
  • Event Logging- All system events, advanced filters, notifications and instant playback
  • AVL Tracking- Real time GPS, GPS history and playback, Geofencing and custom maps
  • Other Features- Reports, Email/SMS gateways, system bridge and lone worker
  • The highlighted features of TRBONET Enterprise from a user integration perspective are:
  • IP Dispatch console (does not require a desktop radio to function, can be connected directly to repeater)
  • Embedded vocoder
  • Compatibility with all MOTOTRBO systems
  • Configurable GUI
  • Modular and scalable
  • Reduced Hardware costs

There are many TRBOnet Add-Ons available and the most commonly used ones are:

  • Indoor Positioning- Allowing indoor tracking, route history, guard tour and custom building layout
  • Alarm Management- Simplifying daily routines, location and event triggered, sound alarms and Email, SMS notifications
  • Job Ticketing- Job creation, task assignment (manual or auto), task log and notifications.
  • Telephone interconnect- Phone to radio and radio to phone call, on screen dial pad, call transfer and SIP trunk
  • Web Interface- Any browser and any operating system, remote access to GPS data, text messaging and custom maps
  • Fixed Route Management- allowing easy scheduling and configurable alerts.

TRBONET Enterprise is a complete control room solution that will work with any MOTOTRBO Networks of any size and complexity.  Primarily an IP-based dispatch system offers a wide choice of additional modules, which means that it can be tailored to suit any customer requirements.

There is a Trbonet application package to suit the demands of business who use Motorola Digital Radios for communications.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to learn more or have any questions about the TRBONET packages for digital Motorola radios.

Download Leaflet 1 Download Job Ticketing Leaflet Download TRBOnet Job Safety Leaflet

Please get in touch with us if you wish to learn more or have any questions about the TRBONET packages for digital Motorola radios.

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