Motorola DP2600E

  • Motorola DP2600e is one of the newest editions to the dynamic evolution of Mototrbo radios.
  • With this digital radio your workforce can be more efficient, connected and safe.
  • DP2600e is great for the everyday worker who need efficient communications.
  • Comes with a variety of features, including voice critical communications and push-to-talk communications.
  • The new Motorola E series of radios come with many different Battery, Charger, Antenna and Additional Function options. Please contact Apex by phone, email or livechat before purchasing to ensure that you are getting the correct package at a great price.

Motorola DP2600E is one of the editions to the MOTOTRBO family within the DP2000E series range.  It is a licensed radio which can operate in both digital and analogue modes. The DP2000 series range can help increase productivity within the work place, achieving greater safety and cost effectiveness.

It is available as a VHF and UHF version. The DP2600E comes with enhanced audio quality, improved battery life of up to 28 hours, a better range which is up to 8%, better waterproofing and there are certified HazLoc features available.

The radios within the DP2000E series can offer features beyond your expectations. With this radio, you’re better connected, safer and more efficient. This series is particularly designed for the everyday worker who needs effective communication.  With systems support and the clear, loud audio, these next generation radios offer cost-effective connectivity for your business.

Radios from the DP2000E series, including the DP2400E and DP2600E offer plenty of professional features. With the single push of a button, workers can engage with each other efficiently and with enhanced safety. With the support for basic trunking as well as analogue technology, you can easily keep your organisation connected with the DP2600E device as it grows.

The main aim of the DP2000E series is to improve the safety within an organisation, with the rapid response capability of push-to-talk communications. Even if the worker is unresponsive, these radios are still able to check if the worker is safe – which is crucial in the workplace. As well as this, the radios also have privacy settings and can be remotely disabled if misplaced or stolen.

The DP2000E series comes with noise cancellation technology and enhanced quality to make your communications clearly intelligible. They also deliver up to 28 hours of battery life for three shift working and an enhanced battery is optional. An improved receiver range also boosts range by up to 8% – making it ideal for larger sites!

The Motorola enhanced range of radios offers many variants and highly technical solutions to meet your radio needs.  Each part of the Motorola Enhanced family has different capabilities and add-on possibilities. We encourage you to call to chat to one of our sales or technical team who can discuss your needs and produce a proposal based upon your unique – bespoke requirements.

One solution certainly does not fit all, but here at Apex we are on hand to provide you knowledge and guidance on which radios are best for you and your needs.

Motorola DP2600e Product Features:

  • IP67 Submersible
  • 128 Channels
  • 2 Line Display
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Capacity Plus – Software Upgrade
  • 1 To 1 Private Calling
  • Caller ID

Motorola DP2600e Product Package:

  • Hand Portable Radio
  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • Dust Cover
  • Belt clip

The Motorola DP2600e is a great for Event Management, Stadiums and Education sectors.

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Product Features:

Product Specifications:

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Atex Approved

Battery Life


Dedicated Emergency Button



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Private Call

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  • Battery Options
  • Standard or IMPRES Single-Unit Charger Options
  • Antenna Options
  • Dust Cover
  • Belt Clip Options
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