Construction Two Way Radios

Whether it’s a simple site or more complex, Apex will find the best solution. Apex can supply Two Way Radios to any sized site, keeping workers health and safety at the forefront.


Education Two Way Radios

Whether it’s a new system for staff security or to hire for an event, Apex is here to help. Two Way Radios offer quick reliable messages in all situations.


Hospitality Two Way Radios

Apex offers the best communication solution to help from front of house to kitchen staff. Leaving you to offer the best customer experience.


Retail Two Way Radios

Whether its to join an existing shopwatch scheme or for internal use, Apex is here to help. We have a Two Way Radio solution whether that's for Warehouse or shop floor staff.


Waste Management Two Way Radios

Apex allows you to communicate critical messages when needed safely and secure. Offering Atex radios to those sites that are exposed to dangerous chemicals.


Manufacturing Two Way Radios

Apex can supply the communication needed whether it’s a small or large site. Keeping all staff connected ensuring the production line is safe and productive.

Who We Are

With over 10,000 customers, Apex Radio Systems is one of the leading Two Way Radio communication companies in the UK and Ireland, specialising in two way radio hire, radio system design and installation, radio link schemes (Pubwatch Shopwatch), and online & offline retail. We are an official distributor of two way radio systems for world-renowned brands including MotorolaIcomHyteraSepura and many others.

Our highly qualified engineers are dedicated to providing advanced technical support, rapid response repairs, and top quality service with the best price guarantee.

What We Do

Whether it's to support an existing fleet or new walkie talkies we are sure to have what you are looking for...

Our experienced bench engineers are here to help if you are experiencing any issues or faults.

Looking to hire walkie talkies? with our large fleet of radios, we are sure to offer the best price, Contact us today.

Trbonet is an official Motorola Applications partner, designed a comprehensive range of PC based radio dispatch software

Let us look after your license for a small admin fee. Read more about what licenses Two Way Radios need.

Connecting Digital Radio equipment either internal or external to a site/s has never been easier...

With our maintenance packages, you can be sure our trained engineers will be on hand to help with walkie talkie issues.

With over 25 years within the industry and combined engineering experience of over 100 years we are here to help


“As one of the UK’s most recognised business names, Unilever understand just how important it is to find service providers who make their life easier.

We have had Apex Radios on site for many, many years. They have been very reliable with very few faults.

I would not hesitate to recommend Apex to any company who needs a cost-effective and reliable service provider for radio communications.”

Alan Steele

Unilever Support Technician


Contact Us

Our business lies in the hire and sales of high quality two way radios, and in expert design and installation of complex two way radio solutions. Contact us for a quote or an advice on anything radio related now!

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