Two-Way Radios & Body-Worm Cameras for Security

For over 30 years, we have provided straightforward, simple to use, cost-effective communication solutions to many industries, and we understand the pressures of working within the security sector.

Ensuring you have the best and most reliable equipment for employee safety, with the latest features available to you, is where Apex Radio Systems can assist. Read on to find more about our Two-Way Radios and Body-Worn Cameras.

Why Choose Apex Radio Systems

For the Security Sector

Apex presents an exceptional range of security solutions, including advanced two-way radio systems and cutting-edge body cameras, tailored to meet the distinct needs of the security industry. Our technology ensures seamless communication among security personnel and provides a robust video recording and monitoring solution.

With Apex, security professionals can rely on dependable and efficient tools that not only enhance their communication capabilities but also bolster safety and surveillance measures, ultimately contributing to heightened security and operational excellence within various security sectors.

The Benefits of Two-Way Radio & Body-Worn Cameras

in the Security Sector


Our radio solutions cover vast and wide areas with the additional support of repeaters and infrastructure. Tailored to your specifications and requirements.


Our two-way radios provide instant communication between devices, teams and sites, ensuring critical messages are delivered without fail.


Our two-way radios and body-worn camera are built for durability to cater to the busy Security job requirements.


Whether you're looking for enhanced safety features such as Lone Worker or Mandown, our equipment can assist in raising awareness and tracking the wider team depending on your requirements.


We provide only the best Makes and Models, ensuring that all radios are strong, built to last, with clear and concise audio.


Provide staff with additional GPS functionality to enable location tracking for users. GPS Tracking can come as standard on some models or as an additional programmable feature.


Feedback from the companies we've partnered with in the security sector.
  • The ability to provide detailed data of daily security-related incidents is vital to assist in combatting theft, protesting and general criminal activity.

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Recommended Equipment

Have a look at our recommended equipment for the security sector below:

Two-Way Radios

Improve your operational efficiency with the Hytera HP685. The Hytera HP685 is a small and lightweight portable DMR digital two-way radio with loud and clear audio performance and extended coverage together with a lithium polymer battery. Hytera HP685 is a rugged device that has the ability to operate in extreme environments ensuring you’re always connected.

Body-Worn Cameras

The VM580D ultra-thin body-worn camera from Hytera is ideal for Security as it’s a rugged and durable BWC, meeting IP68 rating to be fully dustproof and water resistant. The VM580D has a range of features in a compact body that sits neatly in your hand, or clips unobtrusively to a uniform or lapel – also build to withstand drops of up to 2 metres, in line with MIL-STD-810G standards.


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Your Questions, Our Answers: FAQ Quick Guide

What does ATEX and Intrinsically Safe mean?

ATEX Intrinsically Safe radio equipment is designed to ensure your employee’s safety when working in potentially hazardous environments. Due to the nature of explosive atmospheres, it is recommended that ATEX rated equipment is used instead of the standard equipment. This is due to the rigorous testing and additional standards they are required to be met by ATEX Directives.

At Apex Radio Systems, we have vast experience in supplying many ATEX solutions across different industries. Contact today for more information or a demonstration.

Licensed or Licensed Free Radios

A Radio Licence provides you with a unique frequency on which you can operate your radios legally and securely. This licence is provided by Ofcom and starts at £75 for 5 years, although different types of licences are available.

Once you have an active Ofcom licence, your radios will be coded to that specific frequency allowing you to communicate with minimal or no interference from others in the area depending on the licence type.  Find out more HERE.

Licensed Free
Licence Free radios, also known as PMR radios are perfect for communication over smaller areas. Depending on the territory, Personal Mobile Radios (PMR446) can provide up to 0.5 – 1 mile of coverage. Unlike Licenced Radios, these devices do not need any advanced programming – they are ready to be used straight from the box.

Digital or Analogue Radios

Traditionally, analogue radios have provided reliable communication between team members, but digital radio has far expanded the capabilities of two-way voice communications. Digital radios provide superior voice quality at the reaches of coverage areas, double the capacity of an existing 12.5 kHz channel and up to 40% longer battery life on a single charge.

Deciding which radios would be best for you is something we can recommend. Call us on 0191 228 0466 for guidance or read more HERE.

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