radio licence is required by law for the operation of any system. These licenses are acquired, monitored and regulated by the Office of Communications (Ofcom). There are various types available depending upon the complexity or simplicity of your radio system. An outline of these can be seen below:


Simple Site Light licence is used, among others, for localised voice and paging systems within a defined area using a base station and antenna. Covering up to three kilometres these frequencies are low power for more security.

Cost: £75.00 + £25 admin fee for 5 years


Simple UK Light (a.k.a. UK General) licenses are used widely throughout the UK due to their versatility and cost effectiveness. This type of licence is most commonly used for basic two-way radio communications, allowing for full power back to back transmission across handheld devices without the need for a base station. Users will be given a shared selection of frequencies and signalling tones in which the radio channels can be allocated, allowing the radios to be used anywhere within the UK. Suits smaller sites where repeaters are not needed for coverage.

Cost: £75 + £25 admin fee for 5 years


Technically Assigned licenses are for those who wish to have an individual frequency assigned to them within a designated coverage area around a national grid reference, ranging from 1km to 100km. These licenses are often used in conjunction with repeater/antenna systems, but can also be used for back to back communications. Most suitable for large sites or companies who wish to have private frequency.

Cost: £75.00 to £1,480.00 + £25 admin fee for 1 year, based on location & number of frequencies etc.


Area Defined licenses allow for an exclusive use of a particular frequency within a defined area. This can encompass a 50km map square, country or the whole of the UK.

Cost: £75.00 to £9,900.00 + £25 admin fee for 1 year based upon frequency, range and area covered

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