Carry Cases

Two Way Radio Carry Cases

Two Way Radio Carry Cases

Apex Radio Systems holds a large stock of carry cases and belt clips suitable for a wide range of two way radio models including our best selling Motorola radio cases. Walkie talkie cases which we offer are predominantly made of leather to ensure the best quality. We recommend them with your radio equipment as they offer an additional protection to your radios in cases of drops and falls. We offer cases for our hires as well. Learn more at radio hire

Cases can be used with a belt clip, carry strap or can be provided with a belt loop for extra security. We can even provide the belts if needed.  For quick release there is the Klick Fast system of cases which works in a similar way to a press stud. Klick Fast system fasten cases to overalls and outerwear and allow for quick access and release of the radio.

If you require hands free operation carry cases are perfect for you. Many different options exist to suit your needs, requirements, and comfort. We also sell ATEX approved carry cases for your intrinsically safe radio equipment.

Please get in touch with us directly if you wish to order a Walkie talkie case for your radio.


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