Leisure Radios

Leisure Two Way Radios

Leisure radios, commonly referred to as walkie talkies are licence free radios usually used for non-business purpose (although some smaller businesses still use them for their communication…).

The leisure walkie talkies are predominantly used for camping, skiing, motor biking, road trips, family trips, hiking trips, etc.  Use them to keep in touch on Cruise Ships and with your family across a camp site.

Our selection of walkie talkies includes mainly Motorola tlkr twin packs. Most of the Motorola twin packs are equipped with re-chargeable batteries, charger pod, UK and EU power adapters, and manual. Depending on the type of the radios, they can be rugged, splash proof, with built-in torch, vibrate alert, and other handy functions.

The range of licence free walkie talkies can be up to 1 mile in open territory. They are also suitable for use abroad within the EU and help you to stay in touch without any roaming fees.