Motorola Radios

Motorola T82

  • 18 Hour battery life
  • 16 Channels
  • Dual Battery
  • Compatible with Motorola T80

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Motorola Radios

Current diverse Motorola radio portfolio includes Motorola walkie talkie twin packs for leisure customers, professional licence free radios for entry level users in smaller businesses, and professional licensed radios. If you are considering hiring, you can learn more about Motorola radio hire here. If You have any questions about Motorola radios: customer service

Full power professional two way Motorola radios can fulfil the needs of even the most demanding customers. The new digital radio solutions come with sleek design and advanced applications such as Lone Worker, Mandown, Group Calling, Id Calling, GPS etc… It is possible to connect two or more sites through IP links. Advanced application software is also available. Some of Motorola’s products are also obtainable in ATEX certified versions.

Apex is one of the largest Motorola radio providers in the UK. We have extensive experience with Motorola systems and applications, and we are certain we can design the most effective communication solution for you. If you wish to discuss your two way radios needs please get in touch with us.

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About Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions is the best known two way radio designer and manufacturer in the world which has been around from 1928. Company not only contributed to the communication which we have now but also to historical occasions during World War II. The first words from the Moon to Earth were also transmitted through Motorola’s radio system.

In order to improve their products Motorola observes radio users at their workplace to ensure their products are effective and fulfil customers’ expectations. Radios undergo rigorous tests which simulate 5 years of radio usage in their technical centres to ensure they only supply rugged and durable two way radio devices which last.

Motorola stopped its production of analogue radios in February 2015. Therefore, the analogue Motorola radio models are now discontinued. However, fully compatible digital options are available.

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