Motorola's Safety & Security Ecosystem


Motorola are building technologies in a never-ending pursuit to strengthen safety everywhere - helping to protect people, property and places, and enabling collaboration for a proactive approach to safety and security.

The Safety Ecosystem will drive efficiencies, improve productivity and generate better outcomes for Airports, Hospitals, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Schools and Universities, Stadiums and Utilities. Ensuring that with the correct and most suitable technology, you and your business can be faster, smarter, more focused and more resilient.

Motorola Solutions

Safety & Security Ecosystem

Motorola Solutions builds the best possible technologies across every part of the safety and security ecosystem to help protect people, property and places. It’s critical communications that perform in the harshest conditions and are proven to help people stay connected. Its video security is powered by responsibly built AI that can focus attention when action is needed. Its command-centre technologies enable the ability to unite voice, video, and data in a single command-centre view to make decision-making faster and more accurate. These technologies are all bolstered with managed and support services, providing an ‘always-on’ rigour to keep technology secure, optimised and current.

Step 1:

Know What is Happening

– Video Security
– AI Powered Analytics
– Access Control

Step 3: Communicate

Connect and Inform the Right People

– Panic Buttons and Mass Notifications
– Dispatch Software
– Radio and Broadband Enabled Devices

Step 2:

Gather Insights Quickly

– AI Powered Analytics
– GPS Real-Time Location
– Command Centre Software

Step 4: 

Coordinate and Manage Effectively 

– Body-Cameras
– Video Security & Interoperable Communications
– Records and Evidence Management

Safety Ecosystem: Unveiling Motorola's Vision

The Motorola Safety and Security Ecosystem can improve on a range of industries, including Airports, Hospitals, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Schools and Universities, Stadiums and Utilities. To learn more about the different used cases, download the one-page documents to learn more. Alternatively, contact us for more information for a deep dive into your industry and how Apex Radio and Motorola Solutions can help you.

Our Safe Airports technologies come together to efficiently keep passengers, workers and cargo secure — providing the certainty of safety you need

Providing the highest level of care is only achievable with a foundation of safety. Ensuring staff and caregivers are able to focus on their mission.

In today’s world, customer experience begins with safety. Safety relies on intelligent awareness technology combined with fast, seamless communications.

Our Safe Manufacturing ensures productivity is maximised and downtime is minimised by utilising the same technology that keeps you safe every day.

Our Safer Schools technologies come together to efficiently keep students and staff secure, providing the certainty of safety you need.

Creating a positive visitor experience while maintaining efficient operations within stadiums is only achievable with a foundation of safety.

Bring the grid into the 21st century while ensuring the safety of the general public, your staff and your equipment with one unified ecosystem

Apex Radio Solutions is proud to be one of the few partners trusted by Motorola Solutions to be verified as a Safety Reimagined Partner. Our team recognises the importance of delivering end-to-end solutions, and we believe it is an invaluable development in the world of communications and excited to be a part of it.

Ian Curry
Managing Director, Apex Radio Systems

Comprehensive Two-Way-Radio Solutions by Apex

Sales, Hire, Service, Repair – we’ve got you covered

At Apex, we offer a complete range of services, including  Two-Way-Radio sales, Two-Way-radio hire, Radio repairs, and maintenance, to ensure all of your communications needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Two-Way Radio Sales from Apex Radios
Two-Way Radio Hire Solutions from Apex Radios
Body-Worn Cameras - Apex Radio Solutions
Two-Way Radio Maintenance and Repairs from Apex Radios

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