Two Way Radios Used In Retail


Two Way Radios are widely used in the retail industry. Retailers and shopping outlets use Two Way Radios for effective and instant communication between warehouses, offices and staff members, security & loss prevention teams, operations, facilities management, and even CCTV control rooms. We at Apex Radio Systems supply handportable Two Way Radios to hundreds of retailers across the UK and Ireland including Boots, New Look, TK Maxx, Jack Wills, Argos, and many more…

Our clients rely on Two Way Radios to communicate across large areas such as shop floors, warehouses or stock rooms in a highly effective manner to ensure that shoppers have a better retail experience. Use of two way radios also reduces customer waiting time, especially when checking for stock and getting more co-workers to till points to reduce queue times.

Two Way Radios are also a great tool to enhance safety and security in your premises. In cases of shoplifting, antisocial behaviour or even a robbery, Two Way Radios can alarm the security teams.

Benefits of Two Way Radios for Retail:

• Effective communication across the shop floor, warehouses, stock rooms
• Better shopping experience & reduced customers’ waiting time
• Enhanced safety & security
Reduced stock losses
• Cost effective, durable, and reliable communication
• Large variety of radio models & accessories available

Types of Two Way Radios for Retail:

In the busy retail environment, you need strong and reliable communications and also a product which can guarantee that you
can hear over the hustle and bustle of your busy shop floor. This is what we guarantee to offer you with our bespoke Two Way Radio systems.

One of our biggest clients, New Look, use licence-free radios mainly for their internal communication and they find licence-free radios really sufficient in many of their stores and that’s why we would recommend Motorola CLP446 – licence free radio, extremely lightweight and small which is perfect for shop’s internal communication.

Unique features of Two Way Radios for Retail:

Apex Radio Systems is the leading supplier throughout the UK of Shopwatch Radio Links and provides economical solutions to combat theft and anti-social behaviour. We currently control and administer in excess of 250 radio link schemes nationwide.

Shopwatch allows all Retailers in the Area to be in instant communication with each other, for a proactive approach to reducing and managing crime. On many of our Schemes, Retailers are also able to be in communication with the Local Police, CCTV and various other helpful initiatives.

We work closely with local partner agencies to provide the right level of support and expertise. We are able to link several towns together to a central hub. Our knowledge of the technical advancements in radio communication systems means we are always able to offer the latest available equipment and packages to make Two Way Radio systems truly effective in the fight against crime.

Licensed or Licensed Free in Retail:

Licence Free

When you purchase your license-free radios you are all ready to use them. However, before you start using your license-free Two Way Radios please follow the instructions in the manual, also you usually need to charge the battery first. Pairing of these devices is simple, please see radio manual


What is a radio licence? A Radio licence provides you with a unique frequency on which you can operate your radios legally and securely. This licence is obtained from Ofcom in the UK. The basic and most common Ofcom licence starts from £75 for 5 years. However, different types of licenses are available. For instance, there is a special nationwide licence to ensure that large systems or premises throughout the UK operate on legal frequencies.

When you obtain your licence Ofcom will provide you with the unique frequency on which your radios will transmit. With a Site-Specific Licence, there are no legal ways other parties can listen to your conversations and all critical information is safe. With UK general licence you may have shared frequencies but the tones can be configured to ensure minimal interference occurs. Apex can provide this service at a small admin fee, please contact us for more details.


Digital or Analogue in Retail


These have been in the market for some time now (according to BearCom paper from 2010: “Analogue two-way radios have been used for business applications as far back as 1933, and they were originally placed into service by the U.S. military 20 years before then” ). So it is clear that this product has a strong history and position on the market and is widely used around the world. Analogue radios are traditional walkie talkies operating on analogue modes and using frequency modulation. They are transmitting natural voice. Mostly, only one conversation can take place while using analogue radio. They also require hardware receivers and transmitters. Furthermore, while using analogue radio in the broader area, the voice might get lower and signal lost completely when the user is further away from the transmitter.


Digital radios, on the other hand, are operating in digital mode, which means they are using a mathematic system represented by binary numbers 1 or 0 to transmit the voice, which becomes digital. Therefore, the transmitted voice is much clearer. Furthermore, digital radios can recognise the background noise and simply not transmit it. Using digital radios in the broader area is more efficient and if users stay within limits of the coverage, the voice will stay the same and clear. Digital radios may also come with applications such as GPS, data tracking, more conversations at the same time, text messaging, emergency alarm and many more.




Audio accessories such as earpieces for radios are specifically designed for radio communications to complement your radios and their function. We supply a wide range of Two Way Radio audio accessories available to fit your requirements and to enhance your radio performance. For instance for loud environments such as construction, ships, airports etc. we provide 3M Peltor and Sordin noise-cancelling Two Way Radio headsets


Body worn camera

Communication continues to become more and more vital in allowing organisations to operate efficiently and safely; however, there has been a significant shift towards the importance of deterring crime and collecting evidence. Until recently, the lack of suitable products in the PMR market has left a gap which many end-users have been unable to fill. However, body-worn cameras can be set to help deter crime and record important details which can either be used to help to identify criminals or help to prevent further criminal activity in the future.

carry case

Carry Case

Apex Radio Systems holds a large stock of carry cases and belt clips suitable for a wide range of Two Way Radio models including our best selling Motorola radio cases. Walkie talkie cases which we offer are predominantly made of leather to ensure the best quality. We recommend them with your radio equipment as they offer additional protection to your radios in cases of drops and falls. Cases can be used with a belt clip, carry strap or can be provided with a belt loop for extra security. For quick release, there is the Klick Fast system of cases which works in a similar way to a press stud. Klick Fast system fastens cases to overalls and outerwear and allow for quick access and release of the radio. If you require hands-free operation carry cases are perfect for you. Many different options exist to suit your needs, requirements, and comfort. We also sell ATEX approved carry cases for your intrinsically safe radio equipment.



We hold a very large stock of most manufacturers’ walkie talkie batteries including Icom and Motorola Radio Batteries. Our stock includes accessories for brand new radios as well as discontinued models. There are generally two types of batteries available for two way radios: NiMH (nickel-metal hydride battery) and Li-ion battery which is a lithium-ion battery. Li-ion battery has a longer lifespan and provides longer operation, however, it is slightly more expensive than traditional NiMH.We hold a stock of genuine batteries which are made by the radio manufacturer and the more cost-effective type-approved 3rd party versions. We can also environmentally dispose of your old battery in lines with WEEE Regulations.