IP Site Connect

IP Site Connect

Man using IP Site Connect

Connecting Digital Radio equipment either internal or external to a site/s has never been easier, with the introduction of IP site connect.

The Advantages of IP Site Connect

  • Enables voice and Data communications between two or more systems in different locations
  • You can also integrate two or more single sites which have different RF bands UHF & VHF

The use of IP site connect can also bring in other additional features which can benefit the users:

  • Use of dispatcher system PC based
  • Make calls from radio to customers’ existing internal phone system (SIP compatible)
  • Fire Alarm Panel intergradation
  • Man-down/ Lone worker
  • Emergency Features
  • Text messaging between both sites
  • Private calling

(The above is based on additional infrastructure and coding to the radio system)

If you wish to learn more or you have any questions about IP connect or Multisite connect please get in touch with us.

There are two options as described and illustrated below:

Option 1: Connecting Via Ethernet on an internal network

This allows a customer to use their internal network to connect a number of digital repeaters using their local server; thus increasing the coverage over a given area/building/s.

How the system works

The system requires one master repeater (R1) and can have no limit on the number of peers seeing the master as shown above.

With the digital repeaters have the capability to use one antenna and two-time slots giving the customer the flexibility to use 2 channel simultaneously; you could have the option to either have both slots connected over the network. Alternatively, there can be one slot for wide-area use and the second slot just for local use.

The radios can then be programmed in different ways to work with the system requirements.

Option 2: Connecting two remote sites

It is possible to connect two sites over a given area thus increasing the coverage.

For example, imagine that you have got two locations – the main office is in Newcastle upon Tyne (Site A) and you have a sub-office in Cardiff (Site B). Both locations need to talk on a local channel just operating within their area without the other site hearing what is going on; so they would use slot 1 of the repeaters

As for the second slot 2; this is the wide-area channel which connects both sites together across their IP network, allowing them to have instant communication at a push of a button.

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