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VoCoVo is your first step to instant team communication.

Say goodbye to noisy tannoy announcements, multiple phone systems and clunky hardware. With VoCoVo, your team can receive calls, handle customer queries and communicate securely—all from one device.

Why Choose VoCoVo Systems

For your Business

VoCoVo Systems are transforming retail teams and empowering them to achieve more by taking the hassle out of team communication.

The VoCoVo Headset has changed the way hundreds of retailers talk to each other and help their customers everyday on the shop floor. Colleagues can have natural, two-way conversations with full-duplex speech, and more customers can move through the self-checkouts. No waiting required.

Today, VoCoVo connects over 250,000 colleagues all over the world. And counting.

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Bring your Team Together

VoCoVo is your first step to instant team communication.


VoCoVo Go comes with all the essential hardware you need. No subscriptions and no hidden fees.


Everything you need is in the box—just plug in, charge your Headsets and go!


VoCoVo Headsets deliver crystal-clear voice communication across indoor and outdoor areas.


With VoCoVo, your team can receive calls, handle customer queries and communicate securely—all from one device.


VoCoVo Headsets don’t rely on Wi-Fi to communicate so aren’t vulnerable to the same security risks, blackspots or traffic peaks.


Allow store colleagues to use shared knowledge, and keep them updated via messages from HQ directly to their headsets.

FAQ - Quick Guide

We’ve built out a set of FAQ’s that will answer many of the questions you may have about VoCoVo products, how they work and how they can be configured.

Why do I need VoCoVo?

VoCoVo has been proven to increase productivity, improve customer service and maximise resources. Don’t just take our word for it, literally thousands of people are using VoCoVo team communications solutions every day, making their lives easier and their customers happier.

Is VoCoVo just ‘team headsets’?

In short, no.

Crystal clear, multi-way team communication is just ground-level functionality and VoCoVo smart headset are just part of a family of VoCoVo hardware that combines to bring a voice-led tech layer to operations and service delivery.

VoCoVo has the potential to impact store, backroom and warehouse operations at every level, in every department.

Will VoCoVo overload my Wi-Fi?


Instead of competing with Wi-Fi dependent systems, VoCoVo runs on its own frequency dedicated to carry voice communication in a local environment. If your Wi-Fi goes down, no big deal. VoCoVo keeps on running and the show goes on.

An internet connection is required should you want to access additional features such as our insight portal, customisable Call Points and various integrations.

What is the range of the system?

Virtually limitless.

A basic VoCoVo ‘Go’ setup powered by a single Base Unit will cater effortlessly for most small and medium sites.

Repeaters around a single Base Unit amplify the signal into hard-to-reach corners. Whether you need more Base Units or Repeaters will come down to the site footprint.

For enterprise and warehouse scale installs covering vast floor space, you’ll need a Controller Unit able to service around 1,000 headsets across vast, olympic-scale sites.

What is the coverage of a single base unit provide?

A single base unit can cover up to 84,000 sq ft however store infrastructure and internal layout can affect this. For retail-park style, open space stores, a base unit typically covers 25,000 sq ft. For high street stores with older buildings we see a base unit cover around 10,000 sq ft.

How many people can speak at one time?

VoCoVo provides full-duplex capability, allowing six people to be able to talk at one time. This gives colleagues the ability to have multiple conversations at one time without needing to wait for others to finish.

Supercharge efficiency for challenging times

Retail is more competitive than ever. Improve your margins and drive productivity by using valuable people efficiently. A leading UK supermarket using VoCoVo reported £2.5 million in savings by reducing the average colleague's annual footsteps by 142km and reducing walk time by 6.2%.



VoCoVo GO comes with all the hardware you need to connect a team of five or up to 29 people with additional Headsets. We’ve included a multi-unit charging rack for storing your devices when they’re not in use, so you’re always ready to go.

The VoCoVo GO system is ideal for smaller teams like retail, garden centres, leisure facilities and restaurants.

Standard Packages include:

 – Base unit
 – Headsets (with headbands)
 – Multi-unit charge rack

VoCoVo GO+


Ready to take your team communications to the next level? VoCoVo GO+ makes it easy to connect more team members and have a more significant impact on your customers by integrating Handsets, Call Points and Keypads.

The GO+ systems are powered by VoCoVo Controllers to accommodate multiple voice conferences, making them perfect if you have more than one team operating in the same location

Standard Packages include:

Controllers, Base Units, Repeaters, Headsets, Handsets, Callpoints, Keypads

GO+ is tailored to you, so you can specify how many of each device you need.

Hear from businesses that have benefitted from VoCoVo systems.

Retail ∙ Restaurants ∙ Pubs & Bars ∙ Garden Centres ∙ Leisure ∙ Warehouses ∙ Much More
  • Each checkout as now a back over keypad installed which links are clicked colleagues headset allowing for two-way communication between checkout colleagues and service hosts

    ASDA Logo
    Asda - Senior Manager
    Steve Edwards
  • Colleagues loved the headsets, which enabled them to better connect to their team, customers and operations. The voice system is now a mandatory part of the uniform across 2,600 stores.

    Coop Logo
    Retail Change Lead
  • VoCoVo allows us to work on customers cars outside while still being fully connected to the rest of the team it’s completely changed the way we work.

    Halfords Logo
    Halfords - Store Manager
    Jodi Smith Tom James
  • We no longer have to run around looking for free tables the team indoor hose cannot communicate and co-ordinate wherever they are in the restaurant.

    TGI Fridays Logo
    TGI Friday's - Restaurant Manager
    Elizabeth Scott

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