Apex Brand Radios

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Apex Brand Radios

APEX two way radios are outsourced handportable radios by Apex Radio Systems Ltd. Apex Radio Systems, established in 1990 in Newcastle upon Tyne, has significant and substantial experience in radio communication and belongs to one of the leading providers of two way radio solutions in the UK. If You have any questions about Apex brand radios: customer service

We at Apex recognised a gap in the market and wanted to offer our clients an affordable yet tough and reliable two way radio communication solution. Throughout the years there have been many two way radios in our hands and when we started looking for a two way radio which would fulfil requirements of our clients we knew exactly what we were searching for.

On the journey to outsource our own branded two way radio products we came across many different radios. We sent them through rigorous tests and simulated everyday use of the products to ensure the radios are tough and durable. Furthermore, our service engineers, who have more than 100 years of experience combined, took the radios apart to the last piece to ensure it was well built and reliable.

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We have also visited the manufacturers’ premises in Shenzhen, China to ensure that the radios are made in well-established factories which fulfil all required accreditations.

We currently supply three models of two way radio under our own brand. Analogue model and two digital models – display and non-display.

Apex radios are highly affordable handportables suitable for entry level and intermediate communication needs. We are more than confident that they can fulfil all your requirements and that they will last.

Our clients to whom have we supplied the Apex two way radios spread across the whole business spectrum including education, construction, retail, manufacturing, etc. and we have heard very positive feedback.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to learn more about our products and how they can help with your business communication.

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