Two Way Radio Hire

Two Way Radio Hire

Man using Two Way Radio whilst recording event

Two Way Radio Hire eliminates the need to buy Two Way Radio communication equipment. Purchase of such a system can be a big investment, especially if you need multiple radios and if your sites are relatively large.

Offering long term hires and short term hires (including event radio hire) to a multitude of customers across all the UK from London and Cardiff to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dublin. We have a wealth of hire stock from Motorola radio to Sepura and regularly cover events which require 50 plus radios. The service we provide removes many of the headaches that come with setting up a radio system. We do this at a very competitive price while taking pride in the fact that our equipment is very high quality and extremely reliable in nature.

One of the benefits of hiring through us is that you won’t need to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of the units. If you were to encounter an issue with one of the handsets, you merely need to contact us and we will arrange the delivery of an exchange radio. We provide delivery and collection of hire equipment across the United Kingdom and Ireland thus removing the stress of sourcing couriers and delivery companies.

Apex guarantees to offer the best possible Two Way Radio rental price!

Short Term Two Way Radio Hire

Short term radio hire, generally speaking, is arranged to cover big events or busy annual periods for businesses. These sorts of hires usually only encompass a maximum hire period of two months. If you are an event organiser or security company, this is likely the form of hire that will suit you.

Benefits of radio hire for:
• Cost-effective communication solution
• Enhanced, immediate communication of crucial messages
• Provides coverage where there is no telephone signal
• Tough and durable devices
• Loud Audio
• Technical support

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Long Term Two Way Radio Hire

Rather than buy-in and set up all the logistical aspects of the equipment, you pay a monthly charge for us to support and maintain this equipment annually.

Hiring the radios annually entitles you to full support and customer care, an annual service of the equipment, service support and swap-outs for faulty equipment and the ability to add to the fleet if your company were to expand or encounter a busy period.

If you are interested in a long term hire solution but aren’t sure which type of radio is best suited to your field, we can provide you with a selection of demonstration radios. This service will be free of charge, with no obligations. Once you have established which handsets you like, inform us and we can provide prices and packages for the hire.

Apex Radio Systems also offer Pubwatch and Shopwatch schemes

Contact us on 0800 612 1046 for your tailor-made Two Way Radio Hire price!