Radio Repeater

Radio repeaters

Radio repeater or base station is used in two way radio communication to enhance the radio signal over a wide area. They significantly improve and strengthen the radio coverage. If you are considering hiring, learn more about repeater hire.

A radio repeater (either a VHF or UHF repeater) is a radio transceiver and radio transmitter at the same time. It receives radio signals and transmits them at a higher level or higher level power so that the signal can continue over a longer distance. Digital radio repeaters can also be IP linked to connect multiple sites (learn more here).

The repeaters work automatically, however they also need a special antenna.  It is also a legal obligation to have an On-site Ofcom licence in order to use them. They are usually positioned and installed on the top of the tall buildings, mountains, towers etc. This is done to minimise any obstructions in the radio signals, and to maximise the radio coverage.

The two way radio repeaters need to be technically installed and our team of highly experienced engineers can do that for you. We offer consultancy services and site surveys. Our engineers can come and visit you to inspect your site and its infrastructure to be able to recommend you the right product/ products. Upon the installation our engineers ensure that the device is positioned at the right place, that the antenna is correctly installed, and that there are no blind spots within your required communication area.