Two Way Radio Hire

two way radio hire

Two way radio hire eliminates the need to buy two way radio communication equipment. Purchase of such system can be a bit of an investment, especially if you need multiple radios and if your sites are relatively large. Not to mention all the hassle with the selection of the right equipment and radio licensing. That is why many people decide to hire their two-way radios instead.

Apex Radio Systems has a proficient two way radio hire department, offering long term hires and short term hires (including event radio hire) to a multitude of customers across all over the UK from London and Cardiff to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dublin. We have a wealth of hire stock and regularly cover events which require 50 plus radios. We provide both analogue and digital two way radios to suit the customer. We offer to hire brands like Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Hytera and others. The service we provide removes many of the headaches that come with setting up a radio system. We do this at a very competitive pricing while taking pride in the fact that our equipment is very high quality and extremely reliable in nature.

One of the benefits of hiring through us is that you won’t need to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of the units. If you were to encounter an issue with one of the handsets you have been issued, you merely need to contact us and we will arrange the delivery of an exchange radio. Even more, we provide delivery and collection of hire equipment across the United Kingdom and Ireland thus removing the stress of sourcing couriers and delivery companies.

Two types of radio hire exist – short term and long term. Short term hires are especially suitable for events such as festivals, sports events, charity events, etc. Depending on your needs, radios can be distributed to security, emergency services, event organisers, electricians etc. In general, anyone who needs to be contactable instantly.
Long term hires are mainly used by stores, restaurants and bars. Again, depending on the business’s needs radio can be used by staff to connect with warehouse, kitchen, cleaners, security, etc.

Short Term Radio Hire

Short term walkie talkie hire, generally speaking, is arranged to cover big events or busy annual periods for businesses. These sorts of hires usually only encompass a maximum hire period of two months. If you are an event organiser or security company, this is likely the form of hire that will suit you.

If you contact Apex, we will talk through the requirements and dates you are wishing to meet, before providing you with a price. This helps us tailor a package that works best for you. We also have the ability to supply radios to work with your existing sets if required.

One frequently asked question we often receive is: How long in advance do I need to book in my hire for our event to be supported? Although it is best to book your hire as far in advance as possible, we can support next day requirement when necessary. So if you feel you’ve left it too late, please get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.

Event Radio Hire

Purchase of a larger two way radio system can become a bit of an investment and therefore event professionals often turn to two way radio hire. Two way radio hire for events offers instant communication with a push of a button while being very cost effective at the same time. This way everyone at the event knows what’s happening and any issues or situations can be resolved quickly.

two way radio hire for eventsHiring a two way radio system also means that you will get proper equipment which is being serviced regularly and is specially programmed to ensure all the radios work together seamlessly. The technical support is always available even if you are just hiring 2 units (we always have your back).

Some event organisers rely on mobile phones for communication but considering many larger events are usually based in remote locations, it can be difficult to get a decent telephone signal. In cases of passing a crucial message, quickly you need to call all your colleagues individually which takes time. Mobile phones are not as durable either. If you drop your phone there is a high chance of breaking it. Even more, some events reach noise levels which make conversation over the phone impossible.

Digital radios, on the other hand, are designed with noise cancelling technology so you can be heard and hear more clearly even in extremely loud environments. There is also no issue in how large the site is as repeaters can be used to enhance the radio coverage. Finally, two way radios are tested and designed to withstand drops, falls, rain, dust and mud thus giving you a peace of mind in any situation.

If you are organising an event, two way radios are always the easiest option. We at Apex are one of the leading companies providing two way radio hire for events throughout the country. We also guarantee to provide you fit for purpose radio equipment as we have more than 25 years of experience. Moreover, we will beat any like for like quotations you might have from other suppliers and guarantee you expert and reliable service.

Benefits of radio hire for events:
• Cost effective communication solution
• Enhanced, immediate communication of crucial messages
• Provides coverage where there is no telephone signal
• Tough and durable devices
• Loud Audio
• Technical support


Long Term Radio Hire

A long term two way radio hire is a hire in which a customer would like a long term radio infrastructure supported by Apex. This may include, for example, a customer who requires 20 radios with a base station repeater for extensive coverage. Rather than buy in and set up all the logistical aspects of the equipment, they would pay a monthly charge for us to support and maintain this equipment annually.

Hiring the radios annually entitles them to full support and customer care, an annual service of the equipment, service support and swap outs for faulty equipment and the ability to add to the fleet if your company were to expand or encounter a busy period.

If you are interested in a long term hire solution but aren’t sure which type of radio is best suited to your field, we can provide you with a selection of demonstration radios. This service will be free of charge, with no obligations. Once you have established which handsets you like, inform us and we can provide prices and packages for the hire.

Two way radio hire

Hire schemes

Apex Radio also provides specially designed schemes to tackle antisocial behaviour – Shopwatch and Pubwatch.


Shopwatch schemes are designed to support and provide advanced security within the retail environment. (At Apex we currently control and administer over 250 radio link schemes nationwide). Shopwatch means to work closely with local partnership agencies to provide the right level of support and expertise.


Pubwatch schemes are run between the pubs and clubs and the local CCTV and Police. (Pubwatch scheme is often a necessity for licensed premises.) The nightlife industry, licensees and owners of licensed premises are gradually more in contact with Police forces and Local Authorities to fight the battle against crime and anti-social behaviour. Pubwatch schemes enable the premises to be proactive in helping protect their staff and law abiding clientele from potential criminal activities.

Specific radios and equipment we offer to hire

– MOTOROLA DP3400/3600 UHF
APEX 1000/1200 UHF
– VERTEX EVX-531/534

– HYT TC700/780 (UHF + VHF)
– ICOM IC-F25/F15 (UHF + VHF)
– ICOM IC-F4002 (UHF + VHF)
– MOTOROLA GP340/380 (UHF + VHF)


ATEX radios are operated in areas with flammable gases or fuels. These types of radios will not ignite the gases thus eliminating the chance of explosion. Apex Radio Systems offers ATEX equipment for hire. Some of the ATEX models we offer:


D-Shape earpieces with inline microphones and PTT’s
Acoustic Tube earpieces with inline microphones and PTT’s
D-shape listen only earpieces
Noise cancelling over-ear headsets
– Fist microphones
Carry cases complete with straps
– Magmount antennas
Spare batteries

This list is not definitive. Each hire request is personalised for each customer.

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Whether it is supporting a three-day event such as the “Rugby World Cup” or providing ongoing infrastructure for a long-term customer, as we do with “INTU”, Apex can meet your requirements. (see radio hire case studies: NUFC, Newcastle University)

Feel free to contact us in the form below or by calling 0191 228 0466 with your requirements and our experienced team will endeavour to provide the best communication solutions to fit your specific needs.


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