Atex Radio Hire. A guide for non-experts

We realise sourcing communications equipment may well not be a task you often undertake. This is why we wrote this simple guide on ATEX radio hire to help you. We hope it answers a few questions you may have. If not, give us a call. Our team of experts will answer your questions right away.

A guide to ATEX Radio Hire

Two way radio communication systems are a crucial tool for many companies, but in environments where electrical sparks or heat sources could ignite an explosion, it’s not always possible to safely operate standard radio equipment. Fortunately, ATEX or Intrinsically Safe two way radio can be operated without any safety concerns in potentially hazardous areas, when the radio equipment used complies with the rigorous standards set out by the ATEX Directive.

What does ATEX and Intrinsically Safe approved mean?

ATEX means Explosive Atmosphere, and takes in to account workplaces which may contain or have activities that produce explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres. Intrinsically Safe is a term often used when discussing the use of electrical equipment in hazardous environments. If referring to two way radio when using these terms, it means the equipment is safe to use when there is the possibility of the presence of a spark, heat or flame which could create a safety hazard.

Radio equipment manufactured to these very stringent standards, is intended for use in a potentially hazardous environment. Every single part of the radio equipment, from radio outer housing right down to the battery is thoroughly tested to meet the ATEX Directive standards and approved and certified with safety in mind. This ensures that it will not cause a spark or reach a high temperature, which could ignite in an explosive atmosphere. 

Who needs ATEX approved equipment?

Examples of ATEX classified operations would be chemical plants, oil refineries or coal mines, where there is a heightened risk of explosion during the course of normal day to day operations. But there are many other industries which may not immediately spring to mind when considering ATEX, such as food production, gas and electrical service providers and even pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Because of the great importance of ensuring you do use ATEX radio equipment in the environments where it is needed, then please feel free to call Apex so an expert can discuss your particular situation with you to ensure you have the correct where it is required.