Icom IP Radio system – what you need to know


IP Radio system from Icom is an innovative system providing outstanding audio quality and flexibility that is the ideal choice for many industries, including retail, hospitality, factories, warehousing and NHS among many others.

With its unique operation in using an existing IP/WLAN network the radio system can be simply coded and supplied to operate out of the box.

Check out the video explaining how the system works:

Why choose the Icom IP Radio

Licencing – With the Ofcom frequency spectrum being so congested especially in City Centre locations, the Icom IP radio offers a licence Free, secure radio system with no data or call charges.

Licence Free: Using your existing internal IP/WLAN similar to your Mobile Phone/Tablet the Two-Way radio is coded to work with your Wi-Fi and should you have any poor coverage areas within the building the system is scalable using additional Wireless LAN access Points.

Secure Communications: Secure encrypted communication is provided by using wireless security protocols that encrypts calls.

Full Duplex: Unlike traditional Two-Way radio the IP Radio has the facility to conduct a full duplex call while using the Headset, meaning more than 1 person can speak and be heard by all. This could be important if a call has a priority than the active conversation.

IP100H Handset Radio Features

– Weighing in at only 205 Grams and a height of of just 95mm, the IP100H IP Handset is packed with many features that make it the ideal communication tool for may industries:

– Battery Life – 20 Hours of operating time

– Excellent sound quality

– High Security – Using internet protocol

– Vibration – The radio unit vibrates when called, reducing the chance of missing that vital call

– Waterproof – IPX7 able to work in a wet environment

– Alarm – Several Alarm functions for the most vulnerable workers

– Display – Clear display showing Battery Level, Channel, Signal and call features

– Text Messaging – Increase security and reduce ambiguity with user to user text/Vibtration messaging

System Features

– Multi-Channel – Up to 12 Full Duplex Channels

– Individual and Group Calls available

– Roaming – Seamless roaming through different IP/WLAN access points

– Stun/Revive – Remove unauthorised/lost radios from the system

– Full Coverage – With the only restriction in coverage being lack reduced Wi-Fi, the system can be expanded using additional LAN access points

Optional Benefits

– Dispatcher – IP Advanced Radio PC Dispatcher or multiple Dispatchers acting as an additional user with the benefits of recording system calls and mapping facility

– RoIP Gateway – interconnect with other communications technology systems I.E LMR, LTE, Telephone Systems

 – Multi-Site – Integrate with 2 or more remote sites Worldwide

– No RF Signal – Many sites I.E CCTV Control Rooms and Specialised hospital wards do not allow RF technology due to interference of other critical equipment. The IP Radio system does not use traditional high power Rf technology


The Icom IP Two-Way radio system really is one of the most innovative communication systems in the market today.

Its features overcome many of the draw backs with traditional Two-Way radio while maintaining the need benefits of instant reliable secure communications.

If you are struggling with your internal communication system let Apex Radio Systems demonstrate to you the power of the Icom IP Two-Way radio system where I am sure you will be amazed with the flexibility to adapt to your needs.