Best Waterproof walkie talkies you can buy


The use of waterproof walkie-talkies is becoming more and more popular due to different working or leisure environments. Whilst some devices are fully waterproof, there are others which are weatherproof or water resistant. A weatherproof or water-resistant walkie-talkie will only be suitable when there’s a slim chance your walkie-talkie will be submerged in water. We’d also recommend you use a brightly coloured radio, or ensure your radio is visible when dropped on the ground or in water so it can be easily retrieved.

What to consider

You may find that waterproof radios are more on the pricey side, which is making you lean more towards the weatherproof equipment. If working on a tight budget, it might be an idea to invest in waterproof carry cases or even simple waterproof bags that your radio can fit into.

It might also be an idea to really think about the environment the radios will be used in. Is fully waterproof really required? Or will weatherproof be enough?

Just like everyday items, your budget will depend on which radio you choose to purchase. Below we have thrown together a few different options which range in price and quality.

Motorola T92 H20 TLKR Radio

The only radio available within the TLKR range, the T92 is a waterproof device which can withstand up to 1m of water for 30 minutes. The radio is ideal for family trips, watersport events or leisure activity like canoeing or fishing.

When this radio comes into contact with water, the inbuilt torch will automatically switch on to help the user locate and retrieve the radio quickly. Other features include an emergency alert button, low battery alert, whistle belt clip , LDC display and vibrate function.

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Icom IC-F29Sr

The icom F29SR is a professional, analogue, licence free radio form Icom. This model is IP67 rated, which provides the highest protection against dust, moisture and water.

Taking into consideration the durability of F29SR we would recommend it mainly to smaller manufacturing and construction sites where drops, noise, dust and water are often present.

This radio has a considerably large speaker which makes it ideal for noisy environments. Other features include up to 21 hours of operating time, low battery alert and rapid charger (which charges the battery in 2.5 hours)

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Hytera TC-610

Part of Hytera’s licenced radio range, the TC-610 is a tough and durable radio whilst also being affordable, reliable and compact.

With an IP66 rating this waterproof radio is easy to use and also easy to clean if being used within dirty working environments. The TC-61o’s long battery life and professional style makes it very popular among buyers.

One of the main features is the LED battery indicator which allows the user to gauge the current battery level, giving them enough tie to complete jobs before the unit switches off without warning to other users.

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Icom IC-F110D / F2100D

This compact, easy-to-hold radio has a durable, dust-tight, waterproof design and long-lasting battery life, offering reliable operation in a wide range of environments.

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Sepura SBP800 Series

The Sepura SBP8000 series have been designed for professional radio users requiring limited functionality for ease of use.

Submersable with an IP67 environmental protection rating, the SBP8000 series provides outstanding robustness in a lightweight package, Including high-quality 1-watt audio; this series is a top performer.

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Waterproof Accessories

Some radios will allow the use of waterproof accessories or waterproof carry bags. Waterproof speaker mics and batteries are available on today’s market for specific radios. Unfortuanelty waterproof accessories are not yet available for every radio, but we’re happy to advice you if this is something your interested in.


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