Safeguarding and operations have improved drastically within schools

Safeguarding and operational improvement in education 

Motorola DP1400 Analogue

Enhancing site-wide communications through digital systems

Two-way radios have been a lifesaver for us at Excelsior Academy.” Stephen Lackenby, Facilities Manager, states. The sheer size of the academy means that they rely on the equipment to allow all staff and the different department groups to communicate effectively.

Since 2016, Excelsior had an analogue system in and due to the products discontinuation, the Academy, part of the Laidlaw School Trust, upgraded to a fully digital system and implemented over 40 Hytera HP605 radios on site. The team have noticed a significant increase in site safety, especially during their fire evacuation procedure. Not to mention the day-to-day operations and the safeguarding of their pupils, from implementing the new digital communication equipment, the equipment has been beneficial and improved for all.

Helping maintain safeguarding expectations

“Two-way radios allow us to maintain the level of safeguarding that is required”, David Matthews, Deputy Head, highlights. Durham Trinity School & Sports College’s fast-moving facility has many children with complex medical and behavioural needs and by implementing an Apex 500 radio system, they are able to continue to meet the needs of their pupils.

The ability to communicate and assess situations is a vital requirement, and two-way radios have provided the tools to relocate resources or gain support immediately.

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