An introduction into using drones for surveying applications


As drone technology is becoming increasingly streamlined and accessible, a variety of industries are adopting drones into their workflows to increase efficiency dramatically. Simply put, drones are changing how businesses operate by reducing costs, saving time, improving safety, and providing a direct ROI.

In particular, surveying and mapping have been revolutionized by drone solutions. While traditional surveying methods can produce results on the scale of days or weeks, drones can do the job on a timescale of hours.

Depending on your and your client’s project requirements, these are the best drones for surveying and mapping:

  1. Phantom 4 Pro
  2. Phantom 4 RTK
  3. P4 Multispectral
  4. Matrice 300 RTK + P1
  5. Matrice 300 RTK + L1
  6. Matrice 600 Pro + Surveying Payload

There is a saying in the construction industry, “Schedule, Cost, and Safety, pick two.” And what makes drones truly transformative for us is we get to choose and improve all three. –

Grant Hagen, VDC Manager, The Beck Group


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