Motorola T82 vs Motorola T80

Motorola T82 Extreme Twin Pack UK Plug Standard

Motorola Solutions have recently signalled the discontinuation of the Motorola T80, although there is still limited available stock of the Motorola T80 radios.

Motorola Solutions have replaced this with the new upgraded Motorola T82. This device boasts features never seen before on license-free radios including but not limited to:

– VOX voice activation, which allows hands-free use of the radio. Automatically activating the device when the user begins to speak

– IPx2, providing a splash-proof radio, making it suitable for long walks in torrential rain

– Safety button, adding to the safety the radio provides

– 16 channel capacity, adding 8 compared to the than previously seen on T80

One key feature of the Motorola T82 is the dual battery function, allowing the use of both AA standard alkaline batteries and the 800mAh NiMH batteries which are included in the box when purchasing, offering 18 hours battery life when fully charged. This can also be upgraded to a 1300mAh NiMH which extends the life to 26 hours.

Charging your device couldn’t be easier with a micro USB, a single point with a dual-head USB connector allowing radios to be charged at the same time. Drop-in chargers are available to purchase separately.

The T82 provides a range of up to 10km, in the best conditions. Don’t be concerned if you already have a fleet of Motorola T80s as all T82 are compatible with the T80s