Icom IP501H LTE radio


Icom IP501H

How is Icom’s IP501H LTE network radio different from other offerings in the market? 

Wide area communications, size and robust network design are all assets of the new LTE-Connect solution.

But what about security? 

The Icom IP501H offers communications on a completely secure, sturdy and private LTE network. Here is what that means:

The LTE (Long-Term Evolution) standard is an all IP-based system. This means it can be susceptible to security weaknesses associated with IP, such as ever-changing standards, risk of data loss, denial of service attacks, loss of privacy. Although security is incorporated in LTE architecture design, service providers are still responsible for ensuring their own network security. Icom has addressed these security issues by setting up a fully private LTE carrier approved network. The majority of other push-to-talk LTE devices, many of which are not approved, or certified for use on the carriers LTE Network, use the public Internet to carry voice traffic between the network and the control servers. By hosting these servers on the public Internet they become susceptible to denial of service attacks. The performance is limited to the capacity, and robustness, of the ISP network that is hosting them and the security of their physical location.

What is the coverage like? 

Using 3 major mobile networks in the UK (Vodafone, EE and O2) you can rely on it working in all locations. With this comes the flexibility of using the radios from one end of the country to the other, with no sound disturbances. The IP501H is also the only LTE push-to-talk-radio that has been fully approved by the carriers for use on the network. Unapproved, and untested, devices have unknown performance characteristics and can cause issues to the core LTE network. It is possible for the carrier to switch off these unapproved devices at any time.

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