Appreciation for our Apprentices




In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, here’s some of our favourite moments and statistics over the years from our apprenticeships schemes and our commitment to colleague learning and development:

– First apprentice employed – January 2008

– 20 apprenticeship schemes launched through Apex, including Sales, Admin, Accounts, Service and Engineering.

– 100% success rate and employment secured at Apex post qualification

As well as providing young adults the opportunity to gain industry-recognised qualifications, hands-on experience, and increase their employability skills, we are committed to enhancing the skills and capabilities of our colleagues in their current roles; where departmental managers are undergoing further management training to better their learning and skills.

Our General Manager, Mark Burdett, had this to say about apprenticeships:

“This is our 16th year of employing apprentices and they remain a crucial part of our recruitment strategy.

One of the best things about working with apprentices is identifying the skills and talent that people don’t realise they have. My greatest satisfaction comes from helping those people who want to fulfil their potential but don’t quite know how to do it. Nothing is better than working with someone so they achieve a future way beyond what they might have thought was even possible.

Apex is committed to giving people the opportunity to learn, develop and have a career. I’d encourage anyone wanting to work with an employer who will invest time and resources into people development to contact us, or any of the other amazing employers who do the same”.

Meet our Apperentices


Left to right: Laura, Cori, Billie, Hayley, Michael, Joe


Since joining Apex in July 2015, Billie has successfully completed 4 apprenticeships including Level 2 Business Administration, Level 3 Business Administration, Level 3 Team Leader / Supervisor, & Level 3 HR support. “I’ve learnt so much from each different apprenticeship, which each of them has benefited me in different ways. It allowed me to learn from early on while gaining workplace experience. Apex have been so supportive throughout my years here and continue to be extremely supportive. I am really excited for my future at Apex and look forward to what that has to hold for me and my career here.”


In January 2023, Micheal joined Apex and started his Level 3 Microsoft Data Essentials Apprenticeship. “The apprenticeship has built upon my ability to collaborate within a team, providing me with the skills to effectively contribute ideas and insights to collective projects.” Michael initially joined Apex within the admin team, but with his skills sets growing, he has since moved over to our Service Team and a huge asset as a Technical Service Advisor. “Apex has played a vital role in facilitating my transition from college to the working world. I’ve been fortunate to be presented with numerous training opportunities, each contributing significantly to my skill development.”


Hayley is our Sales Executive and joined Apex in June 2017 while completing her Customer Service Level 2 Apprenticeship. Since completing the apprenticeship Hayley joined the sales team and has continue to grow and develop. “My apprenticeship allowed me to work whilst learning and gain hands-on experience. Apex have been nothing but supportive from day one. Even now with my apprenticeship being over, they’re still supporting me with more training (when / if required) and allowing me to better myself and my career.”


Cori is our most recent apprentice, currently completing her Business administration Level 3 Apprenticeship through Zenith Training. Since joining Apex Radio Systems 3 months ago, (November 2023), Cori is excited to be a part of such a welcoming team and “gaining qualifications in a working environment and getting hands-on skills is something that suits my needs”. We have seen Cori’s confidence increase massively since joining the company and look forward to supporting her throughout her apprenticeship. “Apex has assisted me in my journey as they are such a supportive company. They go out of their way to make me feel comfortable within the workplace.”


Joe completed his Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner apprenticeship in 2022 and has since joined the Technical Support Advisor in January 2024. We’ve seen first-hand with Joe how apprenticeships can increase a young person’s confidence; especially in a customer facing roll. “My journey at Apex has not only enhanced my professional skills but also contributed to my personal growth. Apex is such a supportive environment where everyone is always happy to help, I have always felt comfortable seeking assistance. Apex has played a role in building my confidence by providing encouragement and support, especially during my initial stages when I was shy and lacked confidence.


Laura is a key part of our Administration team and has been a part of #TeamApex since May 2021 and completed her Level 3 Business Administration through Zenith Training in 2023. “Apex has always allowed me time and supported me through the apprenticeship, from the coursework to the personal developments, questions, and queries. I’ve gained qualifications and skills that only the apprenticeship would provide and I’m grateful for Apex for giving me the opportunity.