Apex 2100

  • Predetermined user groups and text messages to keep in touch without disturbing everyone
  • Call groups can be set up easily by your supplier and text entered as per your request – making everything simpler for the end user
  • The display not only shows incoming messages but battery life, radio ID and channel currently transmitting on
  • A dedicated emergency button allows colleagues to be made aware of critical situations and promotes health and safety.
  • Easy trunking Capability, allows 2 logical channel share, without excessive spend on infrastructure

The Apex 2100 brings to users a flexible, robust and reliable two way radio at a fantastic point, technically capable and available in Digital UHF and Digital VHF versions.

A Full power, Licensed radio giving fantastic service to a wide variety of users.  If you do not have an ofcom licence currently – Apex can help you with you and liaise with ofcom on your behalf.  We will code the radios for you and the price reflect this.  Apex do not charge extra for coding radios at the point of sale.

The Apex 2100 is a professional and capable two way radio and should be considered by those looking for exceptional value for money

It also contains push-to-talk technology including a Transmit Interrupt feature that enables you to clear a line when necessary in the state of an emergency and delivers clear, loud sound.


  • Long Life Liion Ion battery supplied as standard – up to 14 hours operating time
  • Compact size 97mm x 54 mm x 33 mm
  • Easy trunking
  • Roaming
  • Analogue / Digital mode
  • Excellent migration radio
  • Available in UHF or VHF frequencies
  • Operating temperature -30 °C – +60 °C

The Apex 2100 is an excellent system radio where multi functions are required, and safety is paramount to an organisation.  This type of radio lends itself perfectly for use in Facilities management settings, Shopping centres, Distribution and logistics centres, Performance venues and larger educational establishments – where long days and reliability are important along with flexibility and interoperability of similar radios from the same range.  The full display Apex 2100 makes an excellent supervisor tool, allowing for swift communication through verbal and text instructions.

The part screen makes it the perfect communication tool for supervisors, and also for those colleagues where missed calls, or text messaging could eb important.  It is also perfect for monitoring mandown and lone workers

For more radios from this family please look at the Apex 2000 and Apex 2200.  The radios can all work in unison and together make the ideal radio system for progressive companies looking for the latest technology with added features and safety functionality.

A wide range of audio accessories are readily available for the Apex 2200 radio and more information can be found on our accessories page.



Product Features:

  • Apex 2100
  • Battery
  • Single Unit Charger
  • Standard UHF or VHF Antenna
  • Belt Clip
  • Manual

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