Icom Radios

Icom radios are some of the most advanced and superior radios currently available. They are very popular across the whole spectrum of industries. The radio equipment is reliable, durable and easily repaired so it’s easy to recommend.
Icom radios are most often deployed as a part of a wider system across a site / business. There is a whole variety of products ranging from business radios (PMR/ PBR) to ATEX, marine, or licence free selection.
We work closely with Icom here in the UK. Let us find you a product that fits your business. Be it for a small back to back system or a nationwide deployment and multi-site link solution. Contact us through phone, LiveChat or email.

In simple terms Icom radios come in four types:

Vehicle mounted mobile
Desktop base station.
Repeater base station.

Repeater base station.

Icom handheld radios are the walkie talkie type of radios you see people carrying around. They are used in constructions sites, security personnel, Schools, Universities and Retail environment. Waterproof ones are very popular. Many have IP67 rating, not just marine radios.
Icom mounted mobile two way radios mount in a vehicle and they use the vehicle’s battery for power. You will notice these radios in taxis, tractors and construction site cranes. They achieve a better range by using an externally mounted antenna on the vehicle.
Desktop base station radios use mains power. They connect to a cable that leads to an externally mounted antenna. The higher the antenna, the better the range. The vehicle mounted mobile radios are often used as a desktop radio in a control centre, such as a security hub in a University or Shopping Centre.
Icom digital repeaters cover areas in your business where a two way radio will not transmit or receive. A repeater receives the transmission of a two way radio and rebroadcasts it further. Think of them as signal boosters. They come in both UHF and VHF frequencies and compliment handheld and mobile radios to improve coverage. They can be used in digital or analogue mode.
We are an authorised dealer of all these systems and receive the full support from Icom. We provide high level after-sales service including training and technical support. Call our staff to get more answers about Icom radios.