Kenwood TK-7189 / TK-8189

Kenwood TK-7189 / TK-8189
Kenwood TK-7189 / TK-8189
Kenwood TK-7189 / TK-8189 Kenwood-TK-7189-TK-8189-Mobile-Radio-angled Kenwood-TK-7189-TK-8189-Mobile-Radio-front (2) tk-7189-8189-separate Kenwood-TK-7189-TK-8189-Mobile-Radio-front Kenwood-TK-7189-TK-8189-Mobile-Radio-angled (2) Kenwood-TK-7189-TK-8189-Mobile-Radio-rear

£501.60 £418.00 ex VAT

  • Kenwood TK-7189 / TK-8189 is an analogue, licenced, mobile radio from Kenwood.
  • TK-7189 & TK8189 offer a superb range of advanced features.
  • The TK-7189 / TK 8189 has a front mounted speaker.

Like the TK-7180/8180, Kenwood’s TK-7189 & TK8189 offer a superb range of advanced features to play a key role in the latest dispatch and fleet control applications. The only difference between the two models being the TK-7180/8180 has a front mounted speaker while the TK-7189/8189 has a 12 digit keypad instead of the speaker for quicker input. Please note Mic is NOT included.


Enhanced Kenwood Audio
FleetSync Compatibility
5-Tone Signaling
‘Lone Worker’ Function
RSSI Level Indicator
Minimum Volume setting
Voice Inversion Scrambler
Remote Control Head (OPT)
Dual Priority & Scan Feature
Kenwood ESN (Electrical Serial Number)
GPS Ready (NMEA0183 Compatible)
Wide Band Coverage (VHF: 136-174MHz,UHF: 400-470MHz)
High Visibility Dot Matrix Display (12 Character Alphanumeric LCD Dislay)
Extra Large Channel Capacity (512 Channel/128 Zone)
Transparent Data Mode for Data Exchange Capability
Rugged Construction (MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and IP54/55)
Real Time Clock for Time Stamping
MPT 1327/43 radios for VHF & UHF will be available
12 Digit Keypad


Mounting Bracket
DC Cable
User Guide

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