Two-Way Radio

Find out More about Two Way Radio Licensing

Unless you are using licence-free two-way radios, you are required by law to hold a valid Ofcom radio licence.

Two way radios and social distancing

As the Country looks towards reinstating the workforce and a move is being made to get people back to work and education, a company’s number 1 priority is the safety of its workforce.

The use of two way radios for upcoming events…

With the summer coming to an end and the fast approach of Autumn and Winter – are you prepared for everything the upcoming months may throw at you?

SOLAS compliant with Two Way Radios on board your ship

As of 1st July 2018, the latest SOLAS regulations changed, the goal of the regulations is to enforce safety in case of an emergency on board. All ships must now have 2 two way radios on board, the radios must be explosion proof and intrinsically safe.

The use of two way radios in the workplace

Two way radios are an excellent addition to the workplace if you’re interested in improving productivity and efficiency.

The use of two way radios in airports

Airports often cover a large area and are extremely busy the majority of the time. Two way radios are used in a wide variety of sectors throughout an airport, such as engineering, catering, management, rail services, airlines. retail and security – but just how do the use of two way radios ensure that the all...

The use of two way radios for festivals, outdoor events etc…

Here in the UK , thousands of people flock to busy festivals over the summer period to watch their favourite artists. As well as this being a fantastic, enjoyable time for many – safety precautions must be taken into consideration to ensure that all events run smoothly and according to plan – preventing any danger...

The use of two way radios in amusement parks

Two Way Radios play a vital part in the safety and enjoyment of visiting theme parks. This is because with the use of one of our radios, we can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff, due to communication being possible in all areas throughout the site. Another key focus of our radios...

The importance of Two Way Radios for Hotels

Digital Two Way Radios are widely used across the hotel sector in order to operate in an efficient manner and to increase the safety and productivity of their customers and employees.

If so many Industry Sectors use Two Way Radio, how can you afford not to?

Digital Two way radios are used globally every day to help individuals, Governments and Businesses like yours to increase safety and productivity. You may wonder who uses two way radio? Is it really businesses like your own? And the answer is yes!

Two Way Radios for Farms

Farming and farming technology are constantly developing hand in hand with the newest technology advancements, including farming communication.

Two Way Radios vs DECT Phones

Many companies use DECT phones for their internal and external communication. In many scenarios DECT phones are often used to replace two-way radios / walkie talkies. That’s why we decided to investigate this matter to see the differences between these technologies and how both of these communication solutions can benefit their users.

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